Here is where I will try to answer some of the more common questions I get..

Q. Is this game free?

A. Yes this game is completely free. It will never cost to play, unless for some reason there eventually ends up being a server cost for multiplayer… but I am going to try to setup multiplayer as a personally hosted situation where I just maintain a db of currently available games.

Q. How do I play this… is there any special hardware required?

A. The project in recent years has taken a shift to VR. You will need an oculus rift (with touch controllers), or a SteamVR/Vive unit (with controllers). Obviously a PC supporting the ability to run one of the mentioned headsets is required as well. 🙂

Q. How is this project funded, do you accept donations?

A. Mostly this project is funded by myself, however I do accept donations. 100% of all donations received are put back into the game. I keep nothing.

Q. How can I donate to this project?

A. I am still working on setting up a donation system at this time. However once announced I will let everyone know.

Q. I am an artists (modeler, Graphics, Sounds, Etc) Can I lend my time and talents to the project?

A. Yes! Sooo much Yes! Just understand that in most cases I would be unable to pay you for any work provided. However I will mention you and your contributions in detail in the credits section of the game. Contact me at so we can get started!

More questions to be posted later…. this covers the basics.